All-New Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has won the heart of millions of people across the globe. The user-friendly tablet has great features by which book reading is a great experience. The new Kindle Paperwhite comes with high-end features and it offers higher contrast and resolutions. If you have plans to purchase a tablet or to present someone, you can go through the following lines. If you are satisfied with the features, you might take up the opportunity to place an order through Amazon so that you will avail Black Friday and Cyber Monday special price as well.

All-New Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013Features

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Higher contrast and higher resolutions
  • Next Generation built-in light lets you read without eyestrain
  • Book reading without any glare even in bright sunlight
  • 30% larger than iPad mini
  • Long hours of battery backup

Good points

Paperwhite appearance There will be not any glare on the screen even if you read books on bright sunlight. You will get an appearance that is similar to that of paper.

No eye strain The next generation built-in light system will prevent eye strain. Old tablets are equipped with backlit lighting system. The light will fall into your eyes through such system. The screen’s brightness can be adjusted so that you can read books under any lighting conditions.

Comfort The kindle fire Paperwhite will let you read books with a single hand.

Distraction-free reading There will not be any distractions when you go through the book reading. This great experience is enhanced through New Kindle Fire As the screen will be white, the text will be dark and reading will be effortless.

Share notes As you read books, you can add notes at the margin. Editing, deleting and exporting can be achieved.

X-ray You can dig deep into the book by going through the X-Ray function. Various passages that come under similar text can be noticed quite easily.

Flexibility The tablet will let you read the book in various font sizes through easy adjustments. The tablet can hold up to 1100 books so that you will not want to carry tons of load with you. Organization of various books is made easy through Cloud storage solutions.

Bad points

Long charging hours It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the unit completely. As the battery can give you back up for about 30 hours, you can ignore the time it will take to charge it completely.


All New Kindle Paperwhite offers great features for book lovers. This is the best gadget dedicated for book reading. Book reading is simplified and organized through various controls. You can store more than 1100 books based on their size and you can go through seamless reading at any point of the day or night. You can carry it with you while travelling so that you will not lose time. Your eyes will not be strained in this process through the front lit lights.

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